A podiatrist is your feet’s best friend!

More often than not, we find many patients wishing they had taken better care of their feet earlier. It’s easy to take our feet for granted, they work incredibly hard every day, carrying us around as we go about our activities.  Maybe that’s why many of us are guilty of brushing off aches and pains, delaying in getting it checked, until it reaches a point where we can no longer ignore it. Sadly, it is only at this point that we realise just how much toll our feet take daily, and how difficult and downright miserable is it to have sore feet!  In most cases, these problems could have been much simpler, easier and cheaper to treat, had they been attended to at an earlier stage.

Foot related problems become all the more common as we age. Much like the rest of the body, aging too, takes its toll on our feet. Your feet may become flatter, wider, the soles become thinner and the fatty pads underneath the feet also wear away. Decreased blood supply and nerve function also contribute to a number of other problems. But feet problems are not only confined to the older population. Many children and young adults also visit podiatrists for a number of problems including pain, injuries and gait or biomechanical abnormalities.

So whether you are young or old, it is always a good idea to visit Khan Podiatry if you are having any trouble, or have any concerns with your feet. Below we have listed 10 common problems many people visit a podiatrist for.

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